Erase Age

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Erase signs of aging, stay healthy and look better, longer. Improve your
health, stamina and appearance through healthy diet,
lifestyle and selected supplements.

Science-based strategies to:

  • Optimize your health
  • Slow and reverse signs of aging
  • Increase your energy and stamina

A science and experience based website for information and strategies on optimizing your health, appearance, and slowing and reversing signs of aging based on healthy diet, lifestyle and scientifically studied anti-oxidant and other dietary supplements. Some of these are well-known and others less so and are rather cutting edge but quite promising. I plan to share this information as well as dietary tips, recipes and skin care techniques that can help others achieve similar results. You can optimize your health and reverse many signs of the aging process, valid science is there and it works!

     “The first person to live to 150 is alive today” - Prudential Insurance billboard.

So is this an indication of something going on with improvements in health care or the lifestyle habits people have been adopting? Likely a combination of the two, however, I think lifestyle habits weigh in a bit more influential in promoting healthier, longer lives, and this is good because we have more control than most might realize over this. Science can inform us what works in terms of healthy diet and supplements to enable us not just to exist but to thrive and optimize our health.

You will feel and look better, and have more energy so you can better enjoy and achieve your life goals.

Key aspects of the strategies I use:

  • Plant-based diet, also referred to as the paleolithic, cave-man, or hunter-gatherer diet. This is how we were designed to eat from an evolutionary standpoint.
  • Anti-oxidant and other dietary supplements. Above and beyond what one can ingest reasonably from purely dietary food sources, these will boost the effects of your diet and optimize cellular functioning and overall health. 
  • Exercise and minimizing stress.

All of these approaches will work synergistically to optimize your epigenetic potential (the body’s innate ability to program itself for optimal health based on environmental factors).